The Harvey Wedding

The Harvey Wedding




NOVEMBER 6, 2021


An autumn wedding? Yes. But family is never out of season. And this one holds dear to my heart. 
Retro. Hippie. Vibes. All words to describe this beautiful wedding.  This wedding was filled with love and memories, tears and laughter. 
Abbye and I are distant cousins, but in our family there is no such thing as “distant.” Her mother and I were very close. She was the cheerleader that always supplied support. Unfortunately, we lost her in February 2021.
So with no doubt, Flowers. Had. To. Be. Exquisite. All details were considered. Capturing the love of all colors, and love of daisies. 
Turning the corner in total flower mode, seeing Abbye standing there in her wedding gown and her adorable hippie flowers in her hair, stood her mother’s reflection. Rarely do I cry at weddings, but I broke. The sweet memories of her mom flooded the room. 

 This was probably one of the most fun weddings ever! 



Venue: Parks Place Corinth, MS 
Photographer: @jamiebeephotography
Catering: Vtaco
Coordinator: I Do Weddings 





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