When I wished upon a Star

When I wished upon a Star

Imagine having a dream, a dream that had been in the plans for ten years. The kind that started in a conversation as," Some day when we finally have our dream job..." On February 28th 2019, my dream became a reality.  I signed my name to legal document saying I now own a florist named, Corinth Flowers.  March 1st I walked in and was greeted by employees with cheers and saying, " Good morning Boss Lady!" It was an uncomfortable yet pleasant greeting. Almost like having the pride of getting your drivers license for the first time but not quite brave enough to drive alone.  A dream! I wished upon a Star of prayer and my dreams became true! 

Hi, my name is Whitney Emmons, I am now the owner of Corinth Flowers, previously known as Corinth Flower Shop.  This beautiful little shop has been such a diamond, and it is filled with a fabulous team that keeps it running. I am a  daughter of a Deacon/Farmer Father and Teacher/Church Organist mother. I grew up on a small farm with my sister outside of Kossuth, Mississippi. I dreamed of owning my own horse ranch and live a life somewhere between Dr. Quinn Medicine woman and Walker Texas Ranger. But as my love for the air conditioner grew I knew that was very unlikely. However, my heart never strayed from the love of the enviroment.  My grandmothers taught me to love and care for beautiful flowers. They taught me how it was important to have flowers in gardens and why bees were so important. 

From that I began to fall in love with the look of weddings, bows, dish gardens etc, this all led me to my first job as a clean up/ delivery girl at a small but very popular shop named Ivy House in Corinth, Mississippi. A couple of years later I got married and moved to Florence, Alabama.  Driving down a road that I wasnt sure where I would end up, I found a cute little Flower Shop named Bill's Florist. I walked in with no hope of a job, it was September 2008, the stock market had just crashed. By the grace of God, this beautiful woman with the fabulous laugh and smiled walked around the corner and said she needed help. There I learned how to do small arrangements and create fabulous displays! Dawn Hilliard forced me to have confidence in myself and my work. Her fabulous lesson she taught me was, " God already made them beautiful, you just have to design them how they grow." I call her my flower guru. She's amazing.  From there I worked at a small shop in Muscle Shoals and learn more of the management side of things. I decided I wanted to stay home with my kids after my first pregnancy. Weddings, showers, and other events became my side job. I could not stand going very long without doing something with flowers. 

August 2018 I was contacted by a local florist in my hometown of Corinth, she wanted to sell and wanted to know if I was interested. After several months of debating and praying, we took the leap and bought our very own. So here we are today, loving every min.of it. Our specialities are everything from weddings to births and to those who need comfort during a time of loss. Our goal daily is to bring a smile to as many faces as possible. https://www.facebook.com/corinthflowershop/videos/...

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