Team of Horse

Team of Horse

I grew up on a small farm. I inherited my Daddy’s love of the equine. Horses, mules, donkeys, hinnys (yes that’s a thing, google it) etc. I always loved riding, my favorite memory of riding was once I snuck away from mama and saddled my old horse named Sugar, and we were riding in the back woods behind our house, which is now a pond. I was only 9 yrs old at most but I felt so comfortable on Sugar. She was precious. Suddenly the silence of the woods was filled with a fast pace of running. Something somewhere was running toward us. In a split second a beautiful Doe deer ran past bushing against my leg while I was still sitting in the saddle. Sugar never flench. She went right back to snacking on the grass she had found growing in pine thickets.

Sugar taught me trust, something that I have never had much success with the two legs. Horses are honest, they let you know what they like and what they don’t. They sense your emotions before you even get to them. I never had to tell Major, our 27 year old mule, I was having a bad day, he just knew that a nudge with his soft nose always made me smile.

I could write forever about the lessons my equine friends have taught me but one of the most important is team work.

I mention I love to ride but my Daddy, he loves to drive. He loves hooking up his wagon and having his team of mules pull. It’s a good quality for mules, they love to work. I loved fall Saturday’s when mama would pack us a lunch and we all would meet up with others and we would have our trail ride through different terrains. Mama would sometimes pack toys, or sing to us, she always thought of everything we would need before we would head out. Ahh, memories.

Have you every wondered how on earth a small human being can control 8 huge horses to pull the Budweiser wagon? It’s not control, it’s team work. It’s a love between the human and horse. Not all horses are the same, in that team they have their own roles. Normally there is a lead and then there is the muscle. In a large team you will have a line up of lead, muscle and wisdom. Everyone lines their teams up to what works best for them but the over all goal is to not have to pull the reins. The better the team work, the less you have to pull or guide on the reins.

At Corinth Flowers, we work as a team. We have our lead, our wisdom, and our muscles. Each person has their own role and each role helps the other. Together we have a large shop that flows well. Most days I don’t have to pull or even hold the reins. As we grow our line up will adjust and I’ll have to pull on the reins more than usual. But the purpose of the reins are not to control but to guide. That’s my role, I guide my team in the direction that I see is best fit for this fabulous shop. On a good day my lead guides everyone to the success of the day. My muscle doesn’t have to worry about direction, they just get the job done, my wisdom (lady) holds everyone accountable, reminding each to “stay in their own lanes.”

As our team grows and changes, I know I have the best line up of all time. No matter the flower, it tAkes the whole team to make it work. Sure I’m the owner of the shop but the core, the core is a beautiful line up of folks that work like mules, are loving like horses, and no matter what, the job gets done. So come see us. Meet our team. Bring a resume, our team is always growing. Some days it’s a “Yeee (right)” or some days it’s a “haul (left)” but rarely do we ever "woah."

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