Pandemic FAQ

Pandemic FAQ


  1. Is there a flower shortage?Yes there is a flower shortage.
  2.  What does that mean? When the pandemic first hit shops across the world lost orders and either closed the sales floors or had to close down completely. Meaning that farms were left with an overgrowth of product and was forced to throw away $1,000 of dollars of product. Meaning that when shops began to take orders again they were bombarded with orders. Basically they are getting orders for 2 months worth of product per vendor with only a week's worth of product to sell. 
  3. Do you get fresh flowers daily? Yes, the selection is much smaller but we will have fresh! We can not promise anything certain, example Red roses with sunflowers may be the request, we may only have pink roses that day with dahlias, or something along those lines.
  4. How can I get the exact flower that I want? Great question! Typically we need about 2-4 week notice to allow our vendor to get in contact with the farms. This will be a greater way of guaranteeing the specific order. 
  5. What do you have if not flowers? Even better question! WE HAVE NOT ONLY AMERICAN MADE BUT LOCALLY MADE PRODUCTS!!!!!! We have Baxter and Me that is perfect for all occasions and is made right here in Corinth Mississippi! 

Our crosses are made by a great local also here in Corinth.  Pottery is from our neighboring town, Mrs. Charlotte with Charlotte’s Lakeside pottery in Booneville Mississippi and Exciting news! Our Birdhouses are all American made in Broseay, Missouri. These are just our best sellers. We have even more products!

The best Bang for your buck is to allow the designers to really put their design skills to work. Example we had a family that was really set on Sunflowers for a casket piece. Obviously we want to provide the best to our customers but we did not have fresh sunflowers and could not get them in time for the service. Our very creative designer asked for the families trust and she went to work on one of the most beautiful casket sprays that has ever been made. She chose to use some silk flowers and some fresh. It was a masterpiece! If ever before this is the time to trust our designers and their skills. 

Great news! The pandemic has inspired me ( Whitney) to dig down to my Farming roots and start my own flower garden! Lord willing by the end of June we will have home grown sunflowers, zinnias and more! 

Thank You all for the continue support! Come visit the Showroom Monday-Saturdays 10-2. Or call us at 662-286-1300.

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