I’m just a Florist

I’m just a Florist

I’m just a florist

Today I have three funerals. Two military, one a mother. Three very precious families that are suffering from loss. One passed of natural causes in his elderly age. One passed from a sickness that took a mother too soon. And one a soldier in his 30s that unfortunately took his own life.

I’m just a florist. Most only think is flower play. Nothing extraordinary, nothing hard. Yet three families are grieving all in different ways. All needing a personal touch. Three people passed that I did not know personally, yet I now know their loves, and their hates. Their passions, their childhood dreams, Their heroism to so many. But I’m just a florist.

I have families of stillborns, toddlers, children, teenagers, mothers, fathers, aunts, uncles, grandparents, great grandparents, the list goes on and on. Each with their own story. The love for a baby that never got to open its eyes here on earth, the child that passed after fighting so long battle of illness, the teen that passed from a car accident, the natural passings, the ones that fought battles unknown to their loved ones and unfortunately take their own lives,Sicknesses, etc. But I’m just a florist.

I’m just a florist that heard the giggle in the grieving mother’s voice when she reminisced On her sons childhood dreams. I’m just a florist that got to witness two sisters bond over memories of their mother praying over them. Sons telling about the good ole days working with their dad.  The broken families reconnected, the friends of families ordering things telling us  how the deceased influenced them, inspired them.  Yet I’m just a florist. I’m just a florist that designs with the inspiration from the families, creating their final gifts with all personal touches. I’m a florist, entrusted with such a task, with such a love, I’m so honored to be a florist. 

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Making beautiful arrangement is rewarding, but it is hard word, it is easy to get lost in your work,and forget that it really is work, you do some of the most beautiful, thank you for careing

Linda adams

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