Flowers and Football

Flowers and Football

Reading the title, some of you unconsciously said,”Roll Tide” or “Hail State” maybe “Hotty Totty” or possibly, “War Eagle”! It’s natural to say your, “Battle Cry” after mentioning football!

Welcome to the South! Where the wind gets crisp, the bomb fires get warm, the tailgates come down and no matter how bright the stadium lights shine, they don’t outshine these southern stars.
Football has always been a fun gathering for my family, especially as a kid, nothing was more exciting than a Friday high school football game. I never paid attention to the plays I just loved screaming for the touchdowns. However that all changed when I moved to the great State of Alabama! My first experience with “Alabama Football” was a life lesson for sure. Let me fill you in, if you are not from Alabama, Football is a religion there! Don’t you DARE mistake an Auburn Fan for a Alabama Fan! Or an Alabama Fan for Auburn!!!!!! (I say this in my most southern voice) “Them are FIGHTIN WORDS!” 

The first time houndstooth and Bear Bryant was mention I was clueless. Finally someone showed me a picture and I responded with, “ OH! That’s the guy from Forrest Gump!”
(I feel your eye rolls as you read this!)
My life lesson happened one day while working at the flower shop in Florence. It was a precious little shop that was near the UNA football stadium. We could hear the game from the shop. It was so exciting!
One day a sweet lady called with her precious southern voice asking for a beautiful “fall” inspired arrangement. As I began making it I pulled beautiful purples, oranges, yellows, deep reds and browns. I was so proud of it. It was beautiful! A few hours later I get a call back from the precious lady that ordered it. Ask for the designer of the arrangement, I proudly stated it was I that had made it. Her sweet kind southern voice went full on villain! “I ask for a Fall inspired arrangement! She got all these yellows and orange flowers! WE ARE ALABAMA FANS!!!!” Apparently “fall arrangement” meant representing your favorite team. Wow! From that moment on I began learning more and more about football! One last comment about the great state of Alabama, they do not appreciate the beautiful sounds of glorious cowbell! HAIL STATE!

My family is split down the middle, half Ole Miss fans, half Mississippi State. No one hates the other, we just don’t discuss football while sitting at the thanksgiving dinner. I had never cared either way. When we decided to move back to Mississippi my deadline was to be moved before football season starts. I had learned a lot about football, especially just having our first son, Rhett, I fell in love withthe thoughts of family football games. My husband, Dan, has always been a huge state fan. He even had the shirt that said “Dan’s the Man” with the big Mississippi State “M” for when Dan Mullins became the new coach. I never really cared much until he drug me to a game back in 2014 I think. Dak Prescott was just getting known. Dan had to go to the extremely hot game. So I went, and there was when I saw the powerhouse of a man, Dillion Day! So unspoken, but he is why I’m now a huge a state fan!I watched this giant of a man plow through the field like it was nothing, he stood probably 6’5” or more. Yet when he took his helmet off he had the most beautiful long blonde hair. I was in shock! Even Fabio would be jealous. On the field he was a complete powerhouse, but as soon as he stepped off the field and took his helmet off, he was like a giant teddy bear! All smiles and speaking to the fans.Not to mention his amazing arm sleeve of tattoos. Wow! I remember telling Dan, if our son(s) decide to play any sports, I pray they are like Dillion Day. A complete force on the field, but have the kindness and hospitality on the sidelines.

So as you get ready to ring your cowbell, tailgate in oxford or whatever your tradition is, swing by Corinth Flowers! We will decorate and design to meet all your needs!

Whitney Emmons
Hail State
Corinth Flowers

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