Dear 2020

Dear 2020

Dear 2020,

You can’t have my smile, even if you think you covered it. My eyes will still glow when my love ones walk in the room. My expression of compassion will not be taken away by 6 FT of social distancing. I will still say their names in a high pitch voice with such delight and drop a cute pet name for fun. 

You will not divide me by pointing out all of the differences between myself and others. Because our differences are what brought us together. Our disagreements made us better. You will not cast a shadow on my children by making them fear. No, my children will forever remember we not only survived 2020, we triumphed this year. 

You didn’t take away dining out, only brought us home cooked meals. Families are learning to garden and canned together. The appreciation of knowing where the food came from and what it took to grow it, is a blessing we didn’t know we were missing. 

You didn’t take away God from all, but you gave an open door for Christ to enter all homes. Prayers became more sincere. You didn’t void out worship but worship became more than just Sunday. It became a praise in the car, homes are now the pulpit that had been missed for so long. 

You didn’t take away all quality things but showed how strong I am, and I can still get it all done with a little hard work. The silence threatened fear, but ultimately taught me it was time to take care of myself. So I did. I chose health, I chose laughter. I chose. You didn’t. I exchanged tears for giggles. Worry for praise. Fear for friendships, fast paced for quality of life. 

2020, today I smile thinking how you have changed me. I never want to relive it, but gosh how I would never reverse it. As craziness is only to be expected from here on out, just know, I’m as stubborn as you are. Come December 31, you will be in the past. No one will ever forget you, but you will no longer reign. 2020, thank you. You didn’t beat me, you made me stronger. (Insert Christina Agulera’s song “Fighter”) 


Whitney Emmons 

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