Becoming Me

Becoming Me

Becoming Me

Unique. Odd. Both have been used to describe me. Sometimes In the same sentence. I never wanted a 9-5 job that included a dress code. I appreciate all things that make us each who are. Whether it was blue jean shorts and a bay watch tank or floor length maxi dress, my style changes from day to day. Sometimes Liberty overalls just make the best choice out of them all. I am so far from a cookie cutter mold. As is my floral design. 

   A standard florist has a large binder, most of the time from Teleflora, filled with standard arrangements, that all have the same shape, same texture and no depth no design. When I decided I would have my own shop, one of the first decisions made was to throw the book out. I want arrangements to be designed. Made in the thought of the quick love story of why she loves pink gerbers with red roses on that random Tuesday.  When families come in to discuss funeral arrangements that were so unexpected for their dad, instead of a book of choices, I get to hear the beautiful story of how he loved to fish and garden, but he wasn’t much of a flower man. I get to design the casket piece with kale and curly willow, giving examples of his life within the art of flowers. Beauty. A story told without words. That’s what floral designers do. Artist. Commander of color, and depth. There are far too few floral designers left. It’s a dying art and I would like to see it revived. 

   None of which can fit into a cookie cutter. Thankfully. One of the freedoms I appreciate mostly about being a florist is to be myself.

   If you schedule a consultation with me, you will quickly find I love to smile and know everything about your life. Yes, please tell me about your three dogs that were rescued. I love hearing Mamaw stories that tell the bond you have. Nothing is formal, it is all very relaxed, lovable. Kind. Welcoming. Things in which I dreamed of providing. It may seem a little odd to most formal people, but very unique to the nervous bride and her mother. Relax. 

    Being a girl that grew up in the 90s, a teen in the early 2000s, I was in love with Sex and City. (Forever team Aiden) My all time favorite quote is from the first movie as Carrie and her new assistant,Louise, sits at a bar discussing life when Louise gets a text from a guy. Carrie quickly makes a joke about the late night text, and Louise laughs with agreement even though she still wants to go meet him. Carrie encourages her to have fun and live life. Then says the best quote, “Enjoy yourself! That’s what your 20s are for. Your 30s are to learn the lessons. Your 40s are to buy the drinks.” In which, Louise orders one last drink. 

   I’m only 2 years into my 30s and I feel like the lessons are being taught multiple times a day. I found that as much as I deeply try, I can not be just like my parents. I’ll never be as good with children as my 29 years veteran teacher, Mama. Nor play the piano, or sing beautifully as she does. As hard as I try and as much as I want to be, I’ll never be the farmer my Daddy is. I inherited his love for the outdoors and horses, my mother's looks and smile, but I am my own person. 

  It’s taken me 30yrs to learn that happiness is when I am best friends with Jesus, even if no one else gets my prayer life, He does. And through Him I have found my callings, I have found myself. I am very different than most. I am a friend even when most don’t ask for it. I call to check on someone that was upset to only be met with their distance. But in my 30yrs I have learn that someone’s signs of suicide is another’s want to have a momentary seclusion. Both met with frustration. What they don’t know is I’ve been faced with realization of doing  close friends’ funeral flowers. What most don't know is I care deeply even when I don't mean to. That is why I always make sure that Mr. Decatur's wife never receives orange in her arrangements, she's a Bama fan all the way. I always keep a colorful collection ready for Mr. Beard when he wants to come by and hand pick his wife's flowers. I know each of my customers favorite things, what they dont like, etc.  All because I care. Their stories break my heart each time they tell me their woahs but I have to listen. Because I have been there when no one would listen. It's lonely, its heartbreaking.  Heart broken, is something I once feared in my twenties. I'm in my 30s I feel like it’s a badge of honor, with hard lessons that will never be forgotten. In no other job could I have been able to connect and love like I get to here at the flower shop. 

  I am so proud to be oddly unique. If you are ever in town, swing by the flower shop see us. 'Life’s a garden, dig it!' - Joe Dirt. 

Whitney Emmons 

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