April: Soil, Mules, and Gardening

April: Soil, Mules, and Gardening

Spring is here.

For most folks spring is the meaning of spring cleaning, the smell of blooming flowers etc. But for me, it’s the smell of fresh broken soil, the sweat of the leather, the sounded of the chains clanking on ole Major’s back. Our sweet and oldest Mule.

If you know me, you know I claim to be a farmer’s daughter, but my Daddy doesn’t like that title. He prefers the title, Gardner. Tim Wilbanks is known for his Christian ways, squirrel hunting dogs, and gardening with his mules and horses. 
Every spring alittle bit of youth blooms in his heart and the over-working mentality comes in. Each year we preach we won’t plant much, but each year the garden grows. What sets my daddy apart from most is his true technique of old fashion gardening; sure we pull out the ole tractor sometimes, but honestly there’s just something about a mule plowed garden that just seems to go better. The rows are just alittle bit deeper. 

Isn’t that life? No matter the new ways learned, something about the ole fashioned way works. It’s humbling, brings home a lot of cherish memories. My favorite thing about gardening is the quality time spent with daddy. There’s always life lessons learned while digging in the dirt. 

Life is just like that little seed, the dirt and rain thrown on it isn’t to kill it, although it’s similar to burial. To grow, roots need to dig deep, just like us, we must dig deep down, and start to grow. 
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